Fences can be functional and decorative, but in areas vulnerable to storms, they also need to be strong. With the right design, you can have a fence that stands up to the elements while making a great addition to your home. A professional can help you assess the storm strength, material choice, and ideal structure to use.

Here are four unique fence installation designs you should consider if you live in an area vulnerable to storms:

Fortress Fence Design

If your area is prone to strong winds that could cause damage, you can consider the fortress design. The style uses heavy-duty posts and strong braces to support laminated thick panels. The panels are usually made of vinyl, metal, or composite material that can withstand wind gusts. You can customize the fence to the ideal height according to your property's structure.

Chain Link Fence Design

For a lighter-weight fence, chain link fencing is a great option. The design consists of metal poles connected with wire mesh fencing material. The design can hold up against high winds and heavy rains as its chain-like structure can flex to give in to the gusts but remain intact. The mesh material also allows you to add options such as slats to increase privacy. The chain link design is also great for homeowners looking for maximum security.

Panel Fence Design

Panel fencing design uses tall fence posts and connected panels made with heavy-duty materials such as metal. The design is suited for areas receiving moderate to light winds. A professional can use fasteners to secure the panels to the posts to strengthen them if the weather worsens. The style can allow you to customize the panel material, such as vinyl, wood, or composite.

Split Rail Fence Design

The split rail design includes posts, usually of cedar pieces, connected with horizontal or vertical rails. The design is strong as it doesn't rely on fasteners and can withstand strong storm winds. The spacing between rails can also allow for added flexibility when the wind passes through. It is important to regularly maintain this design as the rails may rust, especially when exposed to moisture and the weather.

If your area is vulnerable to storms, it's important to have a fence that can hold up against the elements. You can consider designs such as a fortress, chain link, panel, and split rail fences. Depending on the area's storm strength and desired aesthetic, your professional can customize the material to make each design stronger and more attractive.

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