Vinyl fencing installation is a job best left to a professional. However, if you've decided to install your vinyl fence, then here are some tips to ensure a professional result:

Tip: Call Your Local Utility Company to Mark Their Lines

Communities with underground utilities require you to call them to come out and mark their lines before you dig any fence posts. This is a free service offered by utility companies to prevent you from damaging their equipment or your health. If you were to hit an electrical line with a post-hole digger, you could knock out power or be killed.

Tip: Rent an Auger to Dig Fence Post Holes

Although it is an added cost for your DIY vinyl fence project, renting an auger to dig post holes is one of the best things you can do.

While digging post holes with a manual post hole digger is a simple process, it takes a lot of energy and back muscle pain to dig all of the post holes you'll need to install an entire vinyl fence.

Unless your fencing installation is only a couple of vinyl panels, do yourself a favor and rent an auger.  

Tip: Cover Unused Fence Post Holes

Open fence post holes are a danger for humans and pets. Since the last thing you want is a broken leg from accidentally stepping in a post hole, make sure to cover all of the augered holes until they have posts installed in them.

Don't use cardboard to cover holes because it can shift in the wind. Instead, use pieces of plywood or large rocks. 

Tip: Set Posts in Wet Cement on Top of Gravel

When your fencing project is complete, you want the fence panels to be securely attached to posts that are securely planted in the ground. You do not want the fence posts for a vinyl fence to move when the ground freezes and thaws.

To prevent frost upheaval of your new fence posts:

  • auger out the post hole
  • place a layer of gravel inside the hole for proper drainage
  • fill the rest of the hole with wet cement
  • set the post directly into wet cement

Using this installation technique will keep the fence posts planted firmly in the ground for years. They will not move.

Tip: Clean the Vinyl as You Install the Fence

Finally, for professional-looking fencing installation, ensure you wipe down each post and fence panel after installing them. Remove any scuff marks or grass stains with dishwashing liquid. Wipe wet cement from posts using a clean rag.

By cleaning the fence as you install it, by the time you reach the last fence panel, your entire fence will look like it was professionally installed, and your project will be complete.