Installing a fence on your property is an upgrade that has the potential to radically enhance the security of your property while also complimenting its aesthetics. Unfortunately, a failure to appreciate the fencing options that are available can lead to a person potentially encountering problems or otherwise failing to get the results that they want from their new fence.

Consider Options To Minimize The Removal Of Trees Or Other Important Landscaping Plants

Depending on the terrain and the path that you are wanting the fence to take, there is a chance that there may be trees, bushes, or other important landscaping plants in the way. In many cases, it may be possible to avoid damaging or removing these plants during the installation of the fence. For plants such as bushes, installing the fence entirely in front of them or behind them can be the most obvious solution. With trees, a person will also have the option of actually incorporating the tree into the fence. This is done by installing the fence posts as close as possible to the trunk of the tree so that it will avoid leaving a gap that people or animals could fit through.

Install Drains To Prevent Water From Getting Trapped

Some fences will have the potential to trap runoff, which can lead to areas of the yard flooding during heavy rain. In addition to increasing the risk of erosion, this can also damage the fence as the water may be able to exert tremendous force on the fence. Installing a drain system that goes under the fence can allow this water to flow off your property and to the nearest storm drain. Fortunately, these drain systems are relatively simple to install, which can avoid making the fence installation substantially more expensive or lengthier to complete.

Assess If Pets Digging Under The Fence Is A Major Concern

Many homeowners will want to install a new fence as a way to keep their pets on their property. While a fence is an effective solution for this need, it can be possible for pets to potentially dig under the fence. This can allow them to circumvent the fence, and they may even create stability problems for it by removing soil that supports the fence posts. To stop your pet from digging under the fence, there are barriers that can be installed along the base of the fence. These barriers will extend at least several inches into the soil so that the pet will be less likely to be able to dig under it without being noticed by the property owner.

If you're interested in installing a fence around your yard, talk to a residential wood fence service today to start exploring your options.