When you install a new aluminum fence around your home, you want to make sure that you get the installation right the first time. A new aluminum fence can provide you with privacy, help keep pests out, and mark the boundaries of your property when it is properly installed. Here are four classic mistakes you need to work to avoid.  

Mistake #1: Not Checking for Utilities

When you install an aluminum fence on your property, you are going to need to dig down deep at each fence post location. That is a lot of digging. You are going to want to call your local utility providers and find out where the electrical, gas, and water lines are located as you don't want to hit one when you are digging your fence. Your utility providers should come out to your home and mark where your utilities are located so that you don't make any mistakes.  

Mistake #2: Digging Without Planning

Next, do not start digging without a plan. You are going to want to measure the property line around your home. You are going to want to measure and figure out the location for each post in the fence. You need the posts to avoid all utility lines, and you want the posts to be evenly spaced around your home to create a uniform look. Don't just start digging, take your time to plan things out manually.  

As you plan, you need to make sure that your fence is located on your property line. You may want to hire a surveyor to come out and mark the property lines for you again so you can make sure the fence is on your side of the line.  

Mistake #3: Digging Posts Manually

You really shouldn't try to dig all the hole posts manually. It may sound like a good workout, but after digging for one or two posts, you are going to be ready to call it a day. As you dig down, the soil can get really hard, making it difficult to dig. You should use an auger to help you dig the holes. An auger still involves some work, but it will not take nearly as much time as digging the posts manually will.  

If you are planning on having an ornamental aluminum fence installed around your home, be sure to check for utilities, create a plan for the location of each post and measure things out before you start digging, and use an auger to dig the holes. Doing these three things will make the process of installing a new aluminum fence go much more smoothly. 

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