Whether you own a home or rent office space, it's no secret that commercial chain-link fencing offers little in the way of privacy. While for some this is not an issue, for others it can be truly bothersome, especially in residential areas. Fortunately, there are ways that you can make your commercial chain-link fencing much more private without having to invest in entirely new fencing. However, the best way to increase your privacy is to hire a residential wood-fencing company to replace your existing chain-link fencing.

Put Netting Up On Your Fence

While this should only be viewed as a temporary solution, putting netting up around your fence is a great way to increase your privacy. You can use specialized netting that's made for this exact purpose, or you can even put up a tarp if you don't mind the look of it. You may have seen this done on construction sites where they don't care about the aesthetics, they just don't want people looking in. 

Increase Your Privacy with Landscaping

There are dozens of different ways that landscaping can increase the privacy of your yard or office space. Ivy, for example, is a common technique that landscapers use to aid in fencing privacy. You will be able to greatly increase your privacy by working with a landscaper to put plants, or even decorative rocks, around your yard to block outsiders' view. Contact a local landscaper today to have them come out and provide a consultation about the options available in your area.

Employ Privacy Slats

Chain-link fencing's biggest downside is the lack of privacy. As such, other companies have made it their business to compensate for this downside by offering specialized privacy slats that fit in between the links to provide the privacy you desire. Privacy slats are typically made out of vinyl; however, some are made out of metal. While these slats won't stop someone from snooping if they are right next to the fence, they will stop people in cars and people walking by from seeing what you're up to. 

Privacy slats are extraordinarily simple to install. All you have to do is weave them through the fencing. You don't necessarily need to hire someone else to do the work for you--you can do it yourself! 

If privacy is your goal, you can make it happen without needing to replace your fence. You can even mix the above methods for added privacy.