When it comes to selecting material for your fence, your first instinct will be to start listing the pros and cons of each material.  While wood, chain-link, and vinyl may be on your list of materials to look into, be sure to add aluminum to the mix. You may find that it will really work out for your home after looking closely at these advantages

Resists Animal Damage

Do you have pets that will be spending a lot of time in your yard? If so, you may be concerned about the damage that they can cause to a fence.  Dogs can easily scratch wood fences by jumping on them, or they may actually try to chew through the material. This can cause the fence to look bad after a short period of time. Aluminum fencing is tough, and will be able to withstand everything that your pet does to the material

Resists Wind

Some types of fencing are more prone to blowing down from the wind than others. Any fence that is made of solid panels have a higher risk of becoming damaged, such as vinyl or wood.  However, due to its material, aluminum fencing is strong and able to withstand wind, and the open nature of the fence will prevent it from being damaged by wind.

Less Maintenance

Maintaining materials like wood can be quite time consuming over the years. That is not the case with aluminum.  There is no need to sand, stain, or paint the material, unless you just want to change the color to something different.  You'll end up doing a lot less maintenance to an aluminum fence over time. This is mainly because aluminum will not rust like its iron counterpart, resulting in material that looks great for a long time.

More Secure

Other fences can pose some serious problems when it comes to security. The small links in chain-link fencing can easily be climbed. Wood fencing can be broken with a little bit of force, making it easy to get through. Meanwhile, aluminum will offer enhanced security due to the strength and construction of the fencing material. The long posts make it difficult to scale, and the top of each post can even be decorated with finial tops. This makes it quite difficult to climb over the material.

Still not convinced? Speak to a fencing contractor in your area about your different fencing options. 

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