Are you an individual who loves the outdoors? Perhaps you enjoy entertaining friends and family members right in your own backyard. If you have decided to do extra landscaping for spring and summer activities, and you have decided that you want to give your yard a unique look, from dessert landscaping to finding a fence contractor, here are some ideas that might help you to design something attractive and practical.

Draw It Out - Even if you are not a gifted artist, you can more than likely draw straight lines, circles, and other basic shapes. That's what you'll need to do when you design your new landscaping. By combining visual shapes, you will more than likely add interest to the design of your landscaping. For example, if you want to establish a rose garden, consider doing that in a round planting bed. Next to that circle shape, consider a rectangular area that will hold things like succulents, ferns, different grasses and flowering plants. Next, consider an oval shape for a small patio that will hold something like a wrought iron table and chairs or a couple of rocking chairs. 

Add Accents - Consider talking to a fence contractor to add fencing to your landscape design. For example, is there enough space in your yard for there to be a child's area, including a play space and a garden that children can tend? If so, consider having a small gate and a short fence that will add a feeling of magic to that separate space.

Add to the uniqueness of your yard by establishing a private feeling that is established by enclosing the entire area with a beautiful fence. A fence contractor will have the training and the experience to suggest just the right look for your yard. For example, for a bit of a nostalgic look, consider a white wooden picket fence like you would see in the olden days. If you want a more contemporary look, the fence contractor might suggest using metal with a sleek design. 

Don't forget things like decorative birdhouses and statuary that will add to the unique look you are wanting to establish in your landscaping. Rocks of different sizes and shapes will add interest to the area, as will pots full of plants like bougainvilleas and colorful geraniums. Consider buying a tiered water fountain that will attract birds and butterflies to your garden.