Several decades ago, if you drove through a neighborhood and looked at the fences, the vast majority of them would be made from wood. However, over the last few years, homeowners have begun steering away from wood and instead opting for vinyl and aluminum fencing. While all of these materials have their merits, you should not automatically assume wood is not a good choice for your home, too. Many of the reasons people are turning away from wooden fencing are more myth than fact.

Myth: Wooden fences attract bugs.

Surely, you don't want to think about termites or wood bees gnawing away at your fence. But while these infestations can occur, there are so many easy ways to prevent them. You could opt for cedar wood fencing, which naturally repels the bugs, or simply treat your fence with an insecticide once a year. Unless you live in a heavily termite-infested area, keeping the weeds around the fence trimmed and replacing rotten boards promptly should keep these pests away.

Myth: Wooden fences require a ton of maintenance.

Wooden fences do require more maintenance than a vinyl or aluminum fence. But the maintenance is not nearly as extensive as some skeptics may have you believe. If the fence is painted, you'll just need to scrape and re-paint it every couple of years. If it's stained, you'll want to apply a waterproofing agent annually. Neither of these projects should take more than a day, especially if you have a friend to help you. Isn't one day of maintenance a year worth having a fence that looks the way you want?

Myth: Wooden fences are expensive.

Any type of fence can be as expensive or inexpensive as you make it. While you can certainly find high-priced, luxury wooden fences, there are also many affordable options. A ranch-style wood fence will typically cost between $3 and $9 a foot, and a wooden privacy fence will typically cost between $7 and $15 a foot. Vinyl fencing averages $4 - $12 per foot, and aluminum can cost between $20 and $100 per foot. In many cases, wood is actually the most affordable choice -- though you will need to set aside a little money for paint or waterproofer every few years.

If you like the look of a wooden fence, don't let concern about bugs, maintenance, or cost deter you. Talk to a fencing contractor in your area to learn more about the benefits of wooden fencing. For more information, contact companies like City Wide Fence Co.