If you have a contemporary style home, conventional landscaping and fencing is going to seem out of place. Instead of contemporary fencing, custom designs will give you the look you want for a modern home design with landscaping to match. Here are some tips to help create a contemporary fence to match your modern home:

1. Custom Wood Fence Designs That Are More Than Pickets

Wood fencing can be a good material and is most commonly seen in the form of picket fences. If you want to have more of a contemporary look for your fence, consider using different wood materials like plywood or hardwood materials. If you choose to use plywood, there are different ways to add designs to the fence, such as cutting out silhouettes or branding the plywood with a soldering iron or torch. When you use untreated materials, you will want to coat them with an outdoor sealant to protect them from weathering.

2. Have Metalwork Installed for Custom Metal and Iron Fencing Designs

Metal is another good choice for a fence that is a little less conventional. Rather than having a plain iron fence installed, contact a metal working service and talk with them about doing a custom design for your fence. There is also the option to use metal materials like sheeting, which can be cutout with designs for a custom look. Aluminum, stainless steel and galvanized materials are a good choice if you want to have the look of raw metal for your contemporary fence design. Metal panels are a great choice to finish the top of a masonry fencing design and add a modern touch to the design. Additionally, check out aluminum fencing for an economical option. 

3. Vinyl Systems and Composite Lumber for Green Contemporary Fencing

Vinyl fencing systems are another choice for a fence with a less conventional design, and they include many styles that include panel systems with a contemporary design. In addition to vinyl, you may want to consider composite lumber like decking materials, which can be used for fencing but will need to have a structure to support them. The composite lumber materials are made of recycled waste from plastic, wood and rubber materials, which makes this material a great choice for a greener fencing solution.

Use some of these ideas for a custom fence to match your contemporary style home. Contact an aluminum fencing contractor too, and talk with them about some of the options to create an attractive custom fence that complements your home.