If you have recently moved to an area with deer and this is going to be your first time living so close to them, then you should learn all you can about what deer in your yard mean to you and what you can do to keep them out if you choose to do so. This article will help you to learn these things so you are better prepared to deal with your new neighbors.

Deer can be dangerous

While deer are beautiful to watch they can be dangerous in different ways. One of the things you want to watch for if you have deer coming into your yard are ticks. Ticks can fall off the deer and then attach themselves to your pets or even to a person. The ticks embed their heads under the skin to feed off the host they have attached themselves to. Ticks can spread diseases, such as Lyme disease.

Deer can also be dangerous because they can hurt you, your family members or your pets. A buck can use their long antlers to seriously injure someone and both can use their very sharp hooves and strong legs to injure someone by kicking them.

Deer can be hard to keep from your yard

Deer can be quite stubborn if there is something in your yard that they want to get at, such as certain fruits or leaves off of certain trees. You can try the following methods to help keep them from coming in your yard, but keep in mind that you may have to use more than one method.

Use natural deer repellants around your yard

 Some natural deer deterrents you can use to prevent deer from hanging around your yard include human hair, homemade pepper spray and predator urine. You can use the hair out of your hairbrush or clippings from your last haircut. Spread the hair around the areas where you don't want deer. You can make a pepper spray by crushing up hot peppers, mixing them with water and putting them in a spray bottle to spray on plants you don't want the deer eating. You can get predator urine at stores that cater to hunters and spray the urine around the border of your yard or anywhere else you want to keep free of deer.

Put up a fence capable of keeping deer out

Deer can jump high and clear tall fences. However, there are a couple ways you can go about having a fence put in that will help with the deer. You can have a solid wood fence installed to cut down on the number of deer in your yard. This type of fence can work better because deer don't like to jump over a fence if they can't see what's on the other side. You can also have a tall chain link fence installed with a shorter fence installed a few feet out from the tall one. This is one of the best ways to keep deer out of a yard because they can't clear both fences and they won't want to get stuck in the middle of them. This is a fantastic way to fence in areas where you definitely don't want deer, such as around your garden or fruit trees. Contact a business such as Absolute Fencing LLC for more information.