One of the biggest priorities that public elementary schools have is safety. Schools want parents to feel that their children are going to not only learn when they drop them off at school each day, but they also want parents to know that the school is doing everything in their power to keep each and every child safe.

Because of this, public elementary schools take every precaution that they can. One excellent precaution to take is to have a fence built around the property of the school. The best person to hire for this is likely going to be a fencing contractor that works for a professional fencing company. This article is going to discuss 2 excellent reasons to have a fence company install a gate around an elementary school. 

Huge Fencing Material Selection 

In order for a school fence to function properly, it needs to provide protection without reducing visibility. If it reduces visibility, this can make it difficult for parents, teachers, police, and other staff members to see where the children are and make sure that they are safe. Fencing companies realize this, so they are going to give you the option of using several different fencing materials that provide security and high visibility.

One popular material may be iron fencing. This type of fencing can be customized so that the bars are close enough together to stop the children from getting out, but also far enough apart so that it is easy to see what the children are doing when they are on school grounds. 

Additional Security Features 

Aside from providing the traditional amount of security that a fence can provide, a fencing company can also offer extra security features. One additional security feature that many public elementary schools find appealing are electronic gates. These gates can be closed and locked when school is not in session, and can only be accessed by those who have the proper code. This is going to ensure that those who are not supposed to be on school property can't get in, and it will also stop the children from being able to get out unnoticed.

Other added security features may include cement along the bottom of the fence, pickets on the top for added height, or designated fenced in areas to provide separation between the older children and the younger children. 

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