If you have a chain link fence in place on your property, you probably like the fact that it helps keep your children and/or pets safe and that it provides a divider for your property from your neighbors' properties. However, one thing that you might not like about your chain link fence, when compared to other fences, is the fact that it might not provide very much privacy. Luckily, there are a couple of different options that can allow you to enjoy more privacy from your fence without replacing it. 

1. Add a Privacy Screen

Did you know that you can purchase a fence screen, which is designed to be attached to your chain link fence? These screens come in different colors and patterns and can be quite decorative, and they are typically easy to install. In fact, many of them include attached tie straps that allow for easy installation. Consider checking out the selection of privacy screens at your local home improvement store for a fast and easy way to make your fence look completely different and to provide privacy for yourself and your family.

2. Use Plants

If you don't like the idea of a privacy screen and want to try something that is a bit more natural-looking, you can try using plants as a means of providing yourself and your family with a bit more privacy when you're in your yard. One excellent way of doing so is looking at evergreen shrubs, which can be planted close to one another, against your fence. If you choose taller shrubs, you can provide instant privacy that will be very difficult for people to see through. You can also choose vine-type plants that will "climb" up your fence or that can climb up trellises that you can place alongside your fence. For example, if you like roses, planting them alongside your fence and encouraging them to grow -- which you can do quite easily by using twist ties to attach your rose plant to the fence -- can also provide some privacy.

A chain link fence (from an outlet such as Elrod Fence Co​) can be an affordable, effective option for separating your property from your neighbors' properties and for keeping kids and pets safe. However, it might not provide the privacy that you would prefer on its own. Luckily, trying one of these options can help you enjoy more privacy on your property without having to choose a more expensive fencing option, such as a wooden privacy fence.