A little friendly competition is always fun, especially when the competition is your neighbors. If you are in market for a new fence, but you don't want a traditional, plain wooden fence, you're in luck. There are a number of unique design options to choose from that can make your home the envy of the block; here are some of them.

Lattice Topped

A lattice top fence can help bring a unique style element to your home's curb appeal. This style of fence is designed with traditional vertical wood panels on the bottom and at the top of the panels a lattice accent is added. In addition to adding style, this fence option can also add extra height to your fence, offering you greater security and privacy.

Tongue And Groove

Tongue and groove wood fencing is very similar to lattice topped fencing in that it is made up of vertical panels on the base. However, the top of the fence style is constructed with several rows of thinner horizontal and vertical wood slats that make a checkerboard-like design. You can gauge how far apart you want the slats installed to suit your privacy needs.

Basket Weave Fence

A wooden basket weave fence is a great choice for more than just one reason. In addition to its one-of-a-kind look, basket weave fencing also offers complete privacy. This fence style is constricted with a pattern of horizontal and vertical posts that are installed without any space between them. This creates a privacy wall of sorts. The only real drawback is the fact that just like your neighbors won't be able to see in the fence, you also won't be able to see out of it.

Horizontal Panels

A number of residential wood fences are designed with vertical panels. If you are just looking for a subtle design change, consider having your fence designed with horizontal panels. This panel style will function the same as a traditional vertical fence; however, you may need to have more posts installed to support the horizontal panels than may be necessary with vertical panels.

If you're looking for a unique wood fence design that you can bring to your home, a fencing contractor can assist you with this process. In addition to helping you choose the style you want, a contractor can also assist you with choosing an option that will best meet your maintenance and budget needs.